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SIRM is pleased to announce the availability of Axco's Insight Risk Manager as a complimentary benefit to its members form 1st February 2018 onwards.

Why should I access Axco's Insight risk Manager?
One of the most pressing problems for insurance buyers is ensuring that their global insurance programmes are compliant. Differences in regulatory requirements create uncertainty for global companies as well as potential gaps in cover and inhibit the effective delivery of risk pooling, loss protection and claims handling services. Accessing relevant information on local insurance legislation and regulation can be a challenge. Failure to comply can result in fines, voided claims and bad publicity. Surveys have found it to be a top stay-awake-at-night issue for many insurance buyers.

What is Insight Risk Manager?
Axco's Insight Risk Manager is a database that can address the concerns of those corporate insurance buyers. The database of regulatory requirements was launched in June 2014 and provides crucial intelligence on local compliance and regulatory insurance requirements, policy conditions and premium payment terms for 100 territories worldwide that represent 99.5% of non-life global premium spend. It is intended to provide consistent, up-to-date information, as wll as to assist insurance buyers in conducting relevant, informes discussions with their brokers.
Insight Risk Manager is designed to improve communication between the insurance industry and buyers of insurance; it is a "light" version of the products supplied by Axco on a fee basis and available on the Axco product portal. Since its launch, it has enabled better understanding of the complex area that is regulatory compliance for global programmes.

How to register?

  • open the document "Axco IRM registration form" here below;
  • complete the document as required;
  • send it to;
  • when the registration request is received by Axco, one of their team member will cross check the details you provided;
  • once Validated, you shall receive directly from Axco a confirmation email with your access details and the web link to IRM.

Criteria to be met to access Axco's Insight Risk Manager
Please note that to be approved to access Insight risk Manager, Axco have certain criteria that need to be met:

  • individuals must access the database for the purpose of procuring insurance cover on behalf of the SIRM member in respect of its own risks and not in relation to its clients, insureds or customers;
  • Axco will not approve any SIRM member who is engaged in activities which Axco deems to compete with any part of its business;
  • only a valid corporate email address will be accepted for login credentials; personal email addresses will be rejected;
  • approved users will need to accept Axco's terms & conditions prior to accessing the tool;
  • access is limited to 2 unique users per member company. Please contact Axco directly if more than 2 seats are required.

What are the spcial features of Insight Risk Manager?

Insight Risk Manager was originally developed in conjunction with Airmic and it has also been successfully rolled out to RIMS an FERMA members. The customisable database allows you to view regulatory requirements specific to your global insurance programmes in an easy-to-read Question & Answer format through an easy-to-use and intuitive online tool, which allows users to choose both the information most relevant to them and the way in shich they view it.

How is the information in Insight Risk Manager researched?
Axco's team of consutant writers regularly visit large network of contacts within each of the territories covered to gather intelligence and insight. Information is verified and added to by a team of in-house industry experts ensuring the information collated is relevant and truly dependent.

Who else uses this pruduct?

Axco has successfully implemented this partnership in the UK with Airmic, in the US with RIMS, PARIMA for Pan-Asia and FERMA members such as DVS, BELRIM, RusRisk, MARM and FinnRima.

Who is Axco?
With more than 50 years' expericnece in researching and publishing industry intelligence on insurance and employee benefits information, Axco is one of the most reliable sources of information for professionals in these markets around the world.

Insight Risk Manager is provided to SIRM members directly by Axco Insurance Information Services Ltd ("Axco") registered in England and Wales with offices located at 6-14 Underwood Street, London N1 7JQ. This is subject to a separate access agreement found on the Axco Portal Page and entered into directly between Axco and the user of the service.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, SIRM, including any of its officers, shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or damage of any nature whatsoever (including without limitation damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of programmes or information) or all other claims relating to or arising as a result of:

  • the services provided by Axco including any of its contractors, employees or agents;
  • Insight risk Manager or any results from its use:
  • the use or inability of any person to use Insight Risk Manager, any programmes, network or other media through which Insight Risk Manager is made available; or
  • any claim attributable to any eerror, omission, or inaccuracy contained in Insight Risk Manager.

SIRM  cannot and does not guarantee that the use of Insight Risk Manager or any other Axco website accessible through the Axco portal page will not cause damage to any user's computer ot otherwise.

SIRM cannot and does not guarantee that access to and the use of Insight risk Manager will be uninterrupted timely, secure and/or virus, malware or error free.

Registration form

Once you have sent your application form and received your access details from Axco in return, you can access Insight Risk Manager via this link to the Axco portal.