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General outline

Founded in Bern in 1973, the Swiss association of Insurance and Risk Managers (SIRM) is the oldest and largest organisation of insurance and risk managers in Switzerland. For key value creation, our member companies have embedded insurance and risk management as a centre of competence in their structure, with particular focus on the long-term protection of enterprise value. This capability is also recognized for strengthening the overall competiveness of its member companies, creating opportunities and managing risks.

Today the SIRM counts more than 70 leading and influential member companies from the areas of industry, trade and services represented by their insurance and risk managers.

It is our vision to continuously strive for a full integration of insurance and risk management in the organization of all Swiss-based companies. To accomplish this, we put our focus and passion specifically on:

  • demonstrating the added value of insurance and risk management for any stakeholder ;
  • defining key topics of common interest, sharing, exchanging and improving knowledge and practices with our members and collaborating with other like-minded Swiss, European and international associations ;
  • improving the recognition and raising the profile of the profession ;
  • representing and defending the interests of our members locally and internationally.

Since 1990, we are a member of FERMA (Federation of European Risk Management Associations) and we mutually benefit from a close collaboration, exchanging knowledge and experience in the interest of our members of the profession.

We put great emphasis on our long-standing, close relationship and collaboration with the Swiss and Pan-European insurance market, as well as the local insurance authorities and regulators.

The SIRM’s executive management is composed of five to seven representatives from our member companies responsible for insurance and risk management activities, and who take on this role and these responsibilities as an honorary activity. They are elected on an annual basis at the General Assembly together with its President who is selected from their own ranks.